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The dads of your future kitten!



Short Haired Scottish Fold

Usher is a Red and White Classic Tabby.  He is a big boy, the strong silent type.  He was our first male to join our cattery and we found him overseas and had him flown here.  He is very loving and has triple fold ears.  He loves the ladies and the ladies love him.  Sweetest boy ever.


Short Haired Lilac Scottish Fold

Ramen is a lover.  He is a lilac short hair.  He has the most luscious lilac coat.  He is loyal and purrs like a well oiled machine.  He comes when called and loves our cocker spaniels.  He loves to play.  He is from health tested parents with champion bloodlines.  We had him shipped from overseas to be our second male here in our cattery.  Ramen is spoiled rotten.  But isn’t that the way it should be?



Blue Scottish Fold 

Mismo is our most recent male to the cattery.  He comes from the same breeder overseas that Ramen came from. He has a gorgeous blue coat, huge eyes, and an endearing temperament.  He is a big lover.  He wants to be near you and when he is,!he can’t help from purring so that you know he is extremely happy and content.  His coat is as soft and silky as chinchilla fur.  He is an observer and is extremely smart.


Black Short Hair Scottish Fold

From the minute he was born here in our cattery, Moegly completely stole our hearts.  His big eyes, sunny personality  and sleek panther style body with jet black shiny hair will have you captivated.  He is a talker, but it is a sweet soft chatter that he does to get your attention.    

Dog in Action



There’s no doubt Spot is going to grow into a big animal. They have already doubled their birth weight and show no signs of slowing down any time soon. With their inquisitive personality, this is an animal who will need plenty of love and attention!

Males: Males
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