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The moms of your future kitten!



Scottish Straight Silver and Black Classic Tabby

Stassi was our first female we got for our cattery.  She was brought over with Usher our first male.  She is sweet and loving which makes her a wonderful mother.  She loves us all, our cats and our dogs.  She spoils us all.


Highland Straight Black Tortie

We love all our animals at BFF Cattery but Marlow is one of the most beautiful types of this breed we have ever seen.  She is beautifully marked and has long hair and huge eyes.  She is reserved at first but warms up quickly.  She has a wonderfully cheeky disposition that compliments her demeanor perfectly.  She is very regal with her long luscious coat of many colors.



Black Tortie Bicolor Highland Straight

LaLa  is Marlowe’s sister and is every bit as gorgeous.  She is a very sweet and reserved.  She has all the qualities of an exceptional mother and is so attentive to her babies.  Her coat of many colors is stunning.  LaLa is very quiet and likes to observe the room from the sidelines.


Lilac Point Scottish Straight 

There’s no doubt Suki is the sweetest kitten on the planet.  You pick her up and she’s like a bean bag baby that you can hold how ever you want.  Her nickname around here is “Little Sack of Sugar”.  She has the most incredible Icey blue eyes.  She is a lover of sleep.  She plays hard then wipes herself out.  She is a smaller female, but she is mighty.  She’s a prankster and can play head to head with the boys.  She is inquisitive and that is why she is so smart.



Blue Point Scottish Straight

Sushi is sweet and soft spoken with gorgeous blue eyes.  She is content to sit or lay with you all day long.  She loves to play with our cocker spaniels and the other cats.  She is one of the best moms our cattery has.  She is so attentive and loving to her kittens.  She is a Blue Point Scottish Straight and as loyal as the day is long.  She truly is irresistible.


Ursula is the Star of the Show

We love all our animals at BFF CATTERY, but Ursula is one of the most beautiful types of this breed we have ever seen. They have a wonderfully cheeky disposition that compliments their cute demeanor perfectly. We sometimes refer to her as Crabby Cathy because her markings make her look like she’s a crabby girl.  


All of our females are straights and all of our boys are folds.  The long hair Scottish straights are known as a Highland straights. The word highland defines its long hair.

Females: Females
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